Tuesday, August 11, 2009Y
1:27 AM
haha , it is a pretty long post.. been slacking on blogs.. here are the updates and pics we took for national day parade !!

Thursday, July 23, 2009Y
10:52 PM
Well its been pretty long since i last blogged . .and that is mainly due to my busy schedule ..lolz..

so here are little updates here n there

- Got into a perm job at UE sq.. like werking here ... not that stressed and ppl here are kinda understanding . .though there are politics (which company doesnt) , its not so bad.

-Basically been really busy with werk and sch that i got no time to party party like b4 . miss those times la. seriously... those days where we just slacked , partied and had fun ... well things have to change as we grow older ma.. well well.. :(

-things are actually going on smooth with us ... surprised !! yes me too ..hard to believe .. but yaeah .. we do have our misunderstandings here and there .. but the other soul is really really patience with me la... well moving to 4 mths ... i am actually starting to believe things might work out.. though i still have my little fears ... hopefully it last long really really long ...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009Y
1:20 AM

Today went for seafood dinner ... it was nice .. jus chomping away // though time was short i had fun ...Cant wait to go and eat again.... shitzz there goes my diet down the drain !!

Saturday, May 02, 2009Y
2:42 AM
Well i am really starting to think this is going to be different after all ... u jus simply sweep me off my feet every time i look at u !! and that Feeling is Really beyond words.. Though we have lil aruguements here and there ..i tink it made us understand each other better and strengthened our relationship... i realli hope this last forever.. but lets jus go with the flow !!

magical , beautiful !!

~~Beyond Words ~~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009Y
1:57 AM

Yet Again !!

THe magical feeling once again... I was like soo resistance .. but u jus swept me off my feet .. i didnt wan to make the same mistake .. not that i dont trust u .. but jus that the fear overcomes everything else that emerges ...

But eventually i gave in .. Yes i did .. And i tink i Dont regret in doing so .. But its still real early to say .. Taking it real slow .. So far have told u my expectations and what is required !! so its like we both started out on a clear and open basis ... So its all up to u to maintain it or crush it to pieces ... Though the fear still lingers.. i tink i will give this beautiful Feeling a chance !! After all ..its not fair to judge a person becos of past bad moments / experiences ....

A very memorable and Beautiful day !!

22nd April 2009 ( A day to remember )

Hope This really last !!! ..............................

Friday, April 17, 2009Y
1:48 AM
Happy Bdae darling Fairose !! Went for Fairose 21st Bdae party at Arab Street today .. it was fun .. though a lil stuffy !! but had great fun with my darlings ... Saw someone who i once so called ran away from .. hahaha .. he was soo haizz.. (lets not swear at ppl ) lolzzz.. but had fun ...

The BDAE gal ANd ME
U can always expect pics if he is there !!

Sanjay and me !!

The Sweethearts !

Despite the Stuffiness ,we still pose

    My SIM Family !!!

Friday, April 10, 2009Y
1:20 AM
Good Friday and Easter party .....

Well i was late for both service .. am a bad bad christian la .. Slacking a lot .. hiazz..so sad @@ hope fully am not punished !

well i went for the service ..adn it was also sharon darling's and varsugi's bdae .. too k pics . had fun ... 10april ... After that went to meet friend to watch movie ... and guess who i bumped into . .a person who i didnt want to see on that particular day !! i was shocked ... but acted kinda relaxed though ... an yeah day went pretty normal .. in fact nice !! haha ... headed home and got a nice one from parents for roaming ard .. haha .... haizz !!

Sharon babe n me !

Varsugi and me


Dashy and me !
Camwhores !
See i told ya

Traditional Vs modern !

I love taking pics with these darlings !
Who else but me !

These were during easter service.. i didnt get any chocolate nor eggs .. sobsss sobss .. but i had fun .. and again i was late for church .. God forgive me !!

All traditionally inclined

Gals of Epiphany

Epiphany Youths